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Once a Vedic Scholar lived on the banks of Godavari. He was a compassionate man. He loved all living beings alike. He was known as Kesava Bhattar. One day another Brahmin scholar came to the house of Kesava Bhattar. It was on the annual ceremony for Kesava's father. So he requested his Brahmin guest to accept the special offerings of the ceremony.

Akasa Ganga Tirumala Tirupati

By this Kesava Bhattiar's face became that of an ass. Kesava Bhattar knew that on the banks of Swarnamukhi river sage Agasthya had his hermitage. He at once went there and requested the saint to explain to him why he had an animal countenance.

Agasthya by his foresight saw the events behind the ugly transformation and replied to Kesava Bhattar. "O Brahmin! You have to offered food to a person who had no progeny to succeed him. By this your ceremony was faulty for uplifting your ancestors. There is a redemption for this. If you would proceed to the Venkata hills, bathe in the Akasa Ganga waterfalls and worship the Lord Sri Venkateswara, everything will be all right for you".
Kesava Bhattar went up that hills, in the Akasa Ganga and gained back his beautiful human countenance.

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