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Akasa Rajan Attains Liberation


On day a messenger from Narayanapuram came to the hermitage and informed "Our king's health is failing. He is bed-ridden. He wishes to see you both." Srinivasa and Padmavathy at once started out to reach Narayanapuram along the sage Agasthya. When they reached the king's Palace, the King was laying on his death bed. His eyes were closed. He was surrounded by his kith and kin.

Akasa Rajan Attains Liberation

Padmavathy could not tolerate the scene. She embraved the queen Dharani Devi and wept. Then the king woke up and saw both his daughter and son-in-law, Drawing his strength, the King spoke to Srinivasa, "O Lord of the universe, Vasudeva, Govinda; I had the rare fortune of seeing you on my parting time I am really fortunate, spiritually sanctified : you may favour me by granting me a help. My son Vasudasa and my brother Thondaiman - both of them need your guidance to come up in their lives. Please help them both".

Then the king turned to Padmavathy and said, "Child! You are the mother of the universe. By your birth everyone of us is elevated with this file. Your bondage with us has ended. May you live long".

With these words, the king passed away. Everyone present wept for the departed king. In the funeral ceremonies, the queen fell into the pyre and ended her life, as it was a honored tradition in those days. They attained together liberation. Srinivasa later returned to the hermitage.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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