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Akasa Rajan Consults Sukha Maharishi


Soon agter Akasarajan heard the words of Vakuladevi, he determined at once to give Padmavathy in marriage to Srinivasa, so he called his brother Thondaiman and said, "I prepose to give in marriage our Padmavathy to Srinivasa, who is in Seshachalam hills. I don not know anything about him. Please invite to our palace Sukha Maharishi who shall be able to clear our doubts at once".

Akasa Rajan Consults Sukha Maharishi

Thondaiman approached the sage Sukha at his hermitage and spoke to him, "Swamy my brother Akasa Rajan wishes to speak to you regarding his daughter Padmavathy's marriage. He has asked me to invite you to our palace". Accordingly the sage Sukha came to the count of Akasa Rajan. The king was pleased to greet the sage at his court. He paid his homeages first. Then he enquired about the welfare of the sage and his followers.

The kin asked him "O Learned Sage I you are the guildling light for me. You are omniscient. I have deep trust in your words. You are well aware of the birth secrets of Padmavathy. I wish to celebrate her marriage now. One day she hand seen a hunter in our gardens. Since then she had decide to marry him. His name is Srinivasa. He stays up the hills at Seshachalam. I know nothing more than this detail about him. Shall I give me daughter in marriage to him? Will you please tell the well-known facts you know about him."

The sage was pleased to hear the words of the king. He felt happy that he had the rare opportunity to witness the marriage of the Almighty Lord. He spoke to the kin. "O king! You are very fortunate. Even so is Padmavathy. Srinivasa of Seshachala is not at a human I he is the overload pf the fouteen worlds, above and below. He is none other than the Almighty Sriman Narayana. By the fruition of your good deeds of the past, he is to become your son-in-law. You shall give your daughter Padmavathy in marry to Him. We were doing penance for this rare apppearance of the Lord on earth. Your life is redeemed. You shall attain the highest benefit by this". This breathed a high inspiration to the king. He sent an invitation to Bruhaspathy, the astrologer to fix up the auspicious time for the marriage.

To be Continued... Click Here >> Akasa Rajan Sends the wedding invitation to Srinivasa

Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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