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Akasa Rajan Sends Princess Padmavathy with Srinivasa


The king offered a dowry of a costly gold crown, one crore of gold coins, several diamond ornaments, gold vessels, several varieties of furniture like, gold laced carpets, one hundred elephants, ten thousand horses, attendants etc, as was the tradition of the kings.

Akasarajan Padmavathy Srinivasa

The King gifted his daughter Padmavathy several silk sarees diamond jewels, maidservants in addition to one hundred villages. He also honored everyone who attended the marriage with several gifts. He gave rich gifts to the Brahmins who were his will wishers. The marriage jubiliations lasted as it was traditional for five days.

Finally Srinivasa took leave from the king taking with him his spouse Padmavathy. Akasa Rajan spoke to Him, "Srinivasa we understand that you are the overlord of the universe. By the touch of your feet, our entire descendants of our linage are elevated. By this it is assumed that we had accumulated a vast spiritual heritage from the distant past. I have been much favoured to get you, the Almighty Lord, to be my son-in-law. However as a father, I had to say a few words. My daughter is an innocent. She had not known you as the mighty Lord. She could not prevent her attendants pelting at you in the garden. You may forgive her for that as she has been quite an innovent princess".

Then turning to hid daughter, the king spoke to her, "Dear Child, you have behind you an enormous power of penance protecting you. You have won the hand and heart of the Almighty Lord. For a woman, her husband is her only God. You should never say or act against his will. By following these words you will be bringing honour to your parents. Be an idealistic companion and also remember us."

With these words to both Srinivasa and Padmavathy the king and the queen bade their farewell to them. Srinivasa sat on his vehicle Garuda and flew up. Other angelic Beings also took leave from the King and reached their abodes in the higher worlds.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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