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Akasa Rajan Sends the Wedding Invitation To Srinivasa


The king narrated Brahaspathy what had happened. He spoke to him, "I learnt about Srinivasa through Sukha Maharishi. I have decided to give Padmavathy in marriage to Srinivasa. You may fix in auspicious day and time for the marriage and write the invitation to Srinivasa foor the wedding".

Akasa Rajan Invite Srinivasa

Brahaspathy replied the king, "O king, you should have performed good penance in the past to deserve this. The Supreme shall be you son-in-law".

Brahaspathy carefully comared the birth-charts of both Padmavathy and Srinivasa. He fixed the Utthra Palguni star for the marriage day, which was on Friday, the tenth day of Vaikasi (Tamil) month, as the most auspicious day. For the marriage, he scribed down the Grand Invitation to Srinivasa as follows:

I heard a great deal of your glory through elders here. I have proposed to offer my daughter Padmavathy to you. The marriage is fixed on Friday the tenth day of Vaikasi. I request you to accept my Kanyakadhanam (Virgin girl) coming over here along with all your relatives and companions.
The king signed this letter and request Sukha Maharishi, "Please carry this message to Srinivasa and invite him for the marriage on my behalf. The Sage was pleased to accept this request by the king as it was divine service. "In preceding Dwapara yuga a Brahmin by name Agni Duryodhana had such a rare opportunity to be the Lord's messenger. Now I could have a similar Divine Service" he thought.

To be Continued... Click Here >> Srininvasa's Reply to Akasaraja

Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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