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Annual Festival by Brahma Deva


When everyone present was in a jubliant mood Sri Brahma Deva spoke to the lord "O Lord, you are protecting all the worlds together. I have an aspiration to the fulfilled since a long time". You should shower your blessings for this. Srinivasa smiled at this and said, "Your aspiration will always be aimed at the welfaste of the world at large. I shall fulfill your wishes; please describe in detail whatever you desire." Sri Brahma Deva then elaborated his desire : "You should redam the sins of the pilgirms, who shall come up to the hills of Seshadri."

Annual Festival Brahma Deva

The Lord said. "so shall it be granted" Hence the Seshadri peaks had a new name as 'Venkata' (Vem - dire sins, Kata - immuning power) as the hills became famous of immuning the sins of the pilgrims, who ascend up to the peaks. The Lord Srinivasa, who abides there in the hillshrine was known popularly as VENKATA NATHA or VENKATESWARA (or the Lord of Venkata Hills)

Later Sri Brahma Deva visited the Lord's shrine and lit two ghee lams,: Let tese lamps continuously burn throughout. May I request you to say on this Venkata until the closure of Kali Yuga and continuously grant boons to the devotees who come to the hills, Moreover you should accept for the grand festival I shall be arranging"

The Lord accepted to these requests of Sri Brahma Deva. Sri Brahma Deva called out Viswakarma and ordered for the festive preparation for the chariots, the various vehicles known as Vahanas, temple umbrellas, etc. Thondaiman was also assigned a part of the festival duties. Brahma Deva discussed with the King the various works he wanted the king to do. Accordingly the king sent the invitations to all. Thondaiman converses with Brahma Deva in the presence of the Lord Venkateswara. The kings in India to participate in the festival at Venkata. With the aid of Viswakarma the king also prepared a set of new diamond ornaments of the Lord.

The inauguration of the grand festival began on the first day of the New Moon cycle on the Tamil month Puratassi (in Bhadrapada or September). The second day the Flag hoisitng festival called Dwajarohanam. The third day the Chinna Sesha vahanam and the following night Hamsa vahanam were the important festivals. The fourth day festivals were Simha vahanam and pearl palanquin. The fifth day the Kalpa Vruksha vahanam and the Sarva Bhoopala vahanam were the main celebrations. On the sixth day festival the Lord assumes the previous avathara of Mohini and on that night rides on the Garuda. The seventh day morning Hanumantha Vahana and Gajavahanam that night were followed. The eighth day Surya Chakra Prabha Vahanam and on the ninth day the chariot festival marked the keynote of the celebrations. The finale of the festival concluded with the palanquin on the tenth day.

People from every region gathered on the hills to witness the jubilations. The people wished the celebrations to continue every year, where by it had become an annual festival. It was later known as Brahmatsav - the festival officiated by Sri Brahma Deva. After the grand festival Sri Brahma Deva returned to Satya Loka, having had him mission fulfilled - that the Lord left this abode of Vaikunta to Venkata for the Kaliyuga.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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