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Brugu Maharishi Assaults Lord Vishnu


Sri Vaikunta is the most beautiful spot in the entire manifested universe. Since the Great Goddess Sri Lakshmi dwells there, Sri Vaikunta has a potent charm. In its winsome appearence any one would loose his mind. Brugu being a great tapasvin could easily flew through various planes and reached Sri Vaikunta Loka. Lord Sriman Naryana was reclining on Adhisesha, shile his Divine consort Sri Lakshmi Devi was attending to his Pada Seva.

Bhrigu Maharishi Assaults Lord Vishnu

Brugu saw this form a little far away from the entrance doorstep. As soon as he came near to the Lord he kicked the Lord on his Chest. Sri Lakshmi Devi was shocked by this strange assault on the Lord. The Lord at once stepped down from Adhisesha and begged the pardon of Brugu Maharishi touching Maharishi's feet.

The Lord said in soft voice, "Forgive me for my delinquencies. In a true sense have richly blessed by the touch of your foot-dust and have become purer today. But your soft feet has been hurt by my hard chest. Don't you experience severe pain. May I rub your feet to relieve the pain. Thus speaking the Lord just pressed hard the thumb-eye the Maharishi had form his birth and vanguished it. Again the Lord said. 'O seer you are really great. I know pretty ewll the purpose of your visit. I hope your doubts have been cleared now." The Lord's patient talk pleased the Maharishi. He felt sorry for assaulting the Almighty Lord Sriman Narayana. He humbly apologized for his hasty impulse.

"O Lord, for the sake of confirming my tests I have attacked the Most Supreme and thereby accrued a great sin. Can there be any one so foolish like me? I may not be redeem in any number of lifetimes to come. I find my impulsive behaviour too foolhardy. The horrible consciousness has just dawned upon me that I have done now to you unpardonable sin any one can commit. O Lord Kindly pardon me and save me.

To this moving prayer of Brugu Maharishi, the Lord replied. "O Great Sage, you need not worry over what has happened now. You haven't come here for doing any willful misdeed. I know your heart. By your act my magnanimity is known to others. May you be prosperous. My good wishes to you".

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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