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Brugu Maharishi Reaches Kailasa


Next to the Great Creator, it occured to Brugu is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva dwells in Kailasa, on the sacred mount Meru. Lord Shiva was very well-known for his quick granting of vows of his devotees. Brugu thought is wise to approach Lord Shiva who would be the best among the Trimoorthis to showers His blessings accepting their offerings in the great sacrifice.

Bhrigu Maharishi Reaches Kailasa

As Brugu was approaching the golden mountain of Kailasa, he distinctly heard the dancing notes of Lord Shiva with his Parivaras, like Nandeeswara, Chandeeswara, Shanmugha and millions of Shiva ganas. The Dancing notes were echoing around the vast mountain peak and it was a trilling experience for anyone to join the Great Dance of Shiva at once. But Brugu being strongly resolved to test the Trimoorthis was least drawn to the fascination of Shiva Parvathy

Brugu at once wanted Shiva to speak to him as he wanted an immediate answer to his doubt. But the Lord was unmindful of the Sage's presence and he was unendingly dancing with his spouse Parvathy. For a while Brugu waited. But his patience bore no result. He appealed to Parvathy. She was also in the dancing mood and cared nothing for the Sage's appeal.

Brugu Maharishi thought this appeals fell deaf to the ears of both of them and interfered with their privacy. When he thus intruded Parvathy blushed aside and stood a little away. Then Lord Shiva spoke to Brugu with stricture: "you have no sense of appreciation of my divine dance and you deliberately intrude into my privacy. You appeared to be ripe old by age but your intellectual maturity is glaringly missing. How do you justify your entry into Mount Kailasa without my permission? You ancestors were pure face of Brahmins, whom I revere at heart. You have performed tapes for a long span of time. But your rush behaviour has revealed your true image now.

Lord Shiva controlling his anger again spoke in firm voice, "you have mastered the vadas; yet you are lacking the basic refinement of a human being. If I open my third-eye for a split-second you will be nowhere in a moment. I don't wish to see your face any more. Get away form here quickly.

In spite of these harsh words of shiva, Brugu Maharishi was least hurt in his mind. On the contrary he reflected the whole incident in his mind and concluded "Shiva is not the ultimate Supreme. He too is capable of quick temper. How can the Most Supreme Godhead ever lose his self-control and shout at another being. Whatever may be spiritual status of the latter. Further Shiva is not perfect in his endless austerities and penance. He is an embodiment of tamasa guna (lethargy). After all these also he never inquired me why so urgently I intruded his privacy, as he supposes. Anyhow it not the Supremen Godhead not even he is a prefect being. It is time for me to test finally the third God of the Trinity-Lord Sri Vishnu". Thus thinking aloud, Brugu Maharishi directed himself to Sri Vaikunta, the usual abode of Lord Vishnu.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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