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Brugu Maharishi Test Brahma Deva


Brugu Maharishi thought for a moment that to test the Great One is as pernicious a task as touching a live coal to know how hot it is. The situation was so compelling that Brugu could not deny his mission. He started out to higher worlds to meet the Trimoorthis and test them. Great Brugu reached the Brahma Loka. The Creator was seated on his golden lotus-seat. He was seen in supernal surroundings listening to the celestial lute of Goddess Saraswathy. He was undisturbed by the invocation of Brugu Magarishi. He remained silent to the salutations of Brugu, almost unconsciously ignoring him. This struck Brugu as an insult and he at once decided that Brahma Deva does not deserve the offerings of their yagna.

Bhrigu Maharishi Test Brahma Deva

He however wanted to know why Brahma Deva strangely behaves with him. He deliberately took a nearby seat and began to disrespect the Lord. Brahma Deva spoke to him in harsh words that through Brugu possessed spiritual powers, he lacked the refinements of even ordinary human that he occupied a chair in the court without the consent of Brahma. He compared the spiritual status of Brugu with several others and seriously questioned his integrity. To all these Brugu was silent and began to think of the undue arrogance or assumption of superiority over others.

Brigu thought over Brahma Deva's unqualified assertions with a great assumption of superiority. He reflected the ancient adage that empty vessels make much noise and left the Brahma Loka, conclusively Brahma. Brugu thought, was irritable when. He is not recognized in his own world.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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