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Hunter Vasu's Story Tirumala Tirupati


Hunter's Vasu Story Tirumala Tirupati

Once a hunter by name Vasu had been living in Venkata Hills. He had a beautiful wife by name Chitravathy. They lead a happy married life.

Though he was an hunter, he was great devotee of the Lord. He used to offer his food, honey and fruits to a stone deity, which he worshipped as the Lord Sri Venkatesa before he takes them.

One day his wife bore him a male child. He named the child as Suveeran. When Suveeran was twelve years old, a strange incident happened to them. One day Vasu went into the forests to fetch honey. His wife prepared to food. His son offered the food to the stone deity and ate it. Soon Vasu returned back.

He was sorry to know that this son offered food without honey to the Lord. He wanted to kill his son. He took him before the stone Deity and drew out his sword. Suddenly the Lord appeared and held his hand. He said to them, "Your son is also a great devotee of me. I have accepted his offerings without honey. It does not matter anything at all to me". He later gave Moksha to all the three.

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