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Kalyana Katta (Hair offering at Tirumala Tirupati)

Kalyanakatta Tirumala Tirupati

Kalyana Katta: place to offer the hair is in the west of the main temple

  • Where the pilgrims are called to fulfill the promise of tonsure called Kalyana Katta. More than 95 hair clipper will be available at Kalyana Katta to perform tonsure, which operates in two shifts.
  • To reduce waiting times for tonsure in high season, more than 10 chairs barber more involved.
  • The building has large rooms and half rooms tonsure tonsure balcony seating platforms, as well as a pilgrim and a barber. There are four departments and expect well-organized queuing system.
  • Antiseptics are mixed with water and applied to the head before tonsure to prevent skin related diseases and others.
  • Bathrooms with geysers of hot water are provided to pilgrims who have their heads tonsured at the cottages.
  • The Computerized system is used to provide tokens for the tonsure
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