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Kapila Thirtham Tirumala Tirupati


Kapila Thirtham Tirumala Tirupati

Once a King Puranthara was ruled his kingdom royality. He was without a son, thought he was a man of good nature. By several penances he at last had a son. Since the child was born to him after his penance, he named him as Madhavan.

Madhavan grew into his teenage. He married a Pandya Princess. His wife was an accompolished woman in all fine arts yet she was an oxthodoxical woman, shunning the carnal pleasures. Madhavan's cravings could not be adequately fulfilled by her. One day Madhavan asked her way she does not respond to him properly. She than advised him that camel desire will debase a man and should not be encourage at all.

With these words, Madhavan was not pleased. He wanted to fulfill his wisheds by some means. He later went to the forests and saw a woodcutter's daughter. He fill in lover with her. He married her and lived with her for some time. She died one day, which caused deep grievance to Madhavan. He was later wandering like a mad man.
His wanderings lead him to the Venkata hills and he came to the Kapila Thirtham where he offered ceremonials to his ancestors as other pilgrims did there. His ancestors were pleased and they attained higher worlds. The Lord appeared before him and gave him moksha.

Kapila Thirtham became famous by this event, Ancestral curses are redeemed by bathing in the thirtham.

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