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Lord Balaji Leaves Sri Vaikunta


Strangely by the absence of Sri Lakshmi the beautiful loka of Sri Vaikunda lost all his charisma. The Lord could easily feel it was no better then a desert on earth. The Lord was also restless and was seriously in search of His Divine Spouse, Sri Lakshmi. The sages and seers of Sri Vaikunta tried to pacify the Lord but could not in any way comfort the Lord form his intense feeling of his spearation form Sri Lakshmi. The Lord also forgot his duty of relieving the distress of his devotees.

Lord Leaves Sri Vaikunta, Reaches Seshachalam

In Search of Sri Lakshmi, the Lord also finally came down to the earth-plame. He roamed all around in vain to find Sri Lakshmi. "O, Dear! where are you? who shall tell me your whereabouts? How can I be seperated form you really? I could not control myself without seeing you! The test of the Maharishi has wedged out our timeless companionship." The Lord was crying these words in wilderness.

The Lord wandered all around, exposing him to all the vagaries of weather-whether it rained or shined. Continuing his journeys over countless regions-forests, mountains towns and cities-the Lord spent several restless days and sleepless nights. He began to inquire every one whether they could give Him to His Lakshmi.

The Lord inquired even inanimate trees and flowers as well as animals "whether at all He could meet again His sweetheart?' But His doubt began to echo again and again in his mind as time passed without any sign of Sri Lakshmi's return. In every object He saw tge adoration of Sri Lakshmi. His eyes became red because of His continuous sleeplessness. His face was dull because of the wandering without food. He was saying again and again the name of Sri Lakshmi and finally reached one day the famous mountain range known as Seshachalam.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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