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Lord Narayana Curses the Cow Herd


The Chola queen seriously charged cow herd of pilfering the cow's milk on his way back to the place. He Pleaded his innocence however. "O, Graceful Queen, everyday I am doing my duty deligently. But in spite of my carefulness the cow doesn't yield any milk. I am not dishonest to the crown. I may be pardoned now and in the future if I am falling in my duties, I may be punished" the cow-herd pleased.

Lord Narayana Curses the Cow Herd

As usual that day the cow herd drove all the cattle to seshadri hills for pasturage. His attention was centred all the while on the gifted cow. Suddenly he noticed the cow leaving the herd and going over to the ant-hill. He watched the cow from a little distance. He saw the cow pouring out all her milk on the ant hill. To explore this he took out his axe and cut the ant-hill at once. The edge of the axe severly hit the lord on his forehead and he emerged from the ant-hill with blodd-stains. This was never expected by the cow-herd. He could not comprehend what was going on around him and fell into consciousness.

With the stains of blood on her body the cow went to the Chola King's court and appealed to the king appraising the bloody episode. The king at once sent his servants with the cow to the seshadri hills to know what had happened there. The servants reported to him what they saw at the ant hill in the seshadri hill range. He wondered how all these strange incidents could have happened and to ascertain the facts fully he himself hiked the hills and came up to the ant hillock. He saw his cow herd in a coma and also Sriman Narayana in human from sustaining injuries in his forehead.

Meanwhile the cow herd woke up and pleaded his innocence to the lord. The lord cursed the hasty cowherd into demonhood for he attempted to kill the cow and hit the lord on his forehead. The king coming up to the lord, fell on the lord's feet and prayed that the cow herd may be pardoned of his sin. The lord said he cannot take back his curse immediately. But when he marries again the demonhood of the cow herd would vanish. The cow herd became a demon and began to wander in the neighbourhood lamenting for his hasty action.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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