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Sage Narada Approaches his parents Brahmadeva and Saraswathy Devi in Satyaloka


Sri Narada in the Puranic saga who links all the legends of our ancient lore. He is the Manasaputra, the mental Image created by Brahma Deva and hence he is the son of Brahma Deva. He is also the foremost among the devotees of Sriman Narayana. He used to chant the granduer and glory of the Lord in all the three worlds of his continuous Journeys.

Narada Approaches Brahmadeva

Sri Narada is second to none in his tricks to trap the wicked and to protect the helpless. He worked always unerringly with the eternal principles of justice. He cleverly drew strings against tyranny. For this he used to carry tell tales about others and create confusions in the minds of his solicitors-all with a view to avert some unknown or know disasters. For this strange trait in him, he has been known popularity as "Kalaha Priya" (Lover of creating broil). He has his main key roll in the descent of Lord Narayana from his abode of Vaikunta to Venkata.

Sri Narada Flew Up to Satyaloka, the abode of Brahma Deva. In Brahma Loka great angels from the various brighterwords such as Indra, Surya, Chandra, the seven Great seers, the Asthadikpalkanas, and several others have assembled for soliciting favors from Brahma Deva. Brahma Deva was in his contemplation of Lord Sriman Narayana, while his divine consort Sri Saraswathy Devi sat near him.

As soon as Narada entered into Brahma's court, he greeted both his divine parents, inturn Brahma Deva blessed him. Sri Narada's Sudden appearance at Brahmaloka excited curiosity in the minds of al the angels present there. They were wondering what news the has brought from his travels of the three great regions-from the nether worlds, the human wonder of the Heavens above.

Brahma Deva broke the silence and began to speak, "My beloved son, you are a great devotee of the Lord. Your service to the Lord's devotees are also matchless. I would like to assign to you a tesk of paramount importance. It is for the benefit of the entire humanity. You know well that the Lord doesn't incarnate in human form in the dark age of Kali. If the God-fearing nature subsides among humans, the decline of ethical codes of conduct is sure to follow. By unlawful ways fulfil their desires and eventually reach hell as fruits of their deeds.

You should use your ingenuity and artfully handle the situation so that the Lord Sriman Narayana incarnates in the Kali Yuga down on the earth-plane. If only the Lord descends down the Terresterial Sphero, can the mortals in the dark age of Kali have peaceful life.

By His Divine presence in the dark of Kali, the mortals can draw inspiration and guide-lines from Himform time to time and thereby attain material properity and spiritual awakening. Eventually all of them can attain the immortality of Mukthahood. You should aim at this great event of the Lord Avathara at once. May you be totally successful in your attempts.

Hearing these words of Brahma Deva, everyone present were pleased. Sri Narada was persuaded by one and all to fillow the wise words of Brahma Deva immediately. Their words touched him most profoundly, at once he devised a masterly plan.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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