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Narada Reads the Palm Linens of Sri Padmavathy


Padmavathy grew up fairly into a pretty in the place of Akasa Rajan. From her fifth year she began her study of all the fine arts and linguistics. Since she was a gifted.

Narada Reads Sri Padmavathy Palm

One day Ravana passed by her side and was attracted by her rare beauty. He approached her, she opened her eyes from her deep contemplation. She was frightened by the presence of Ravana, the demon-king. Ravana spoke to her "O beauty, I am the king of Sri Lanka. I have conquered the seven worlds above and the seven planes below this globe. Devendra is but a slave to me. Even the Trimoorthis are afraid of me. In one sense I am the Lord or sole monarch of the three regions-the heavens, the earth and the nether words. Though I have traveled widely I never came across a beauty like yourself. The moment I saw you, I have lost myself. I would like to marry you. Forget your penance now. I shall coronate you as the Queen of Sri Lanka.

By these love-laden words of Ravana, Vedavathy was very much frightened, but she gathered strength and spoke to him, 'O king of Demons I have avowed myself to marry Sriman Narayana. I would not marry anyone else. Even now I am in deep contemplation of Sriman Narayana. If sriman Narayana himself rejects me I shall die on the spot I will not wearver in my determination. You may proceed further without wasting your time here anymore.

Ravana laughed at her, "O young woman, who is that Narayana? He would shiver with fear if he hears my name. When I am personally appealing to you, you are rejecting my loive. I can only compel, you to my wish. No one can then come forward to protect you. Let me see how you help yourself". Saying these words Ravana went near her to embrace her.

Vedavathy was frightened. She invoked Agni (Fire) by her psychic powers and fell into. Before she vanished into the fire, she cursed Ravana" You have tried to ravish a woman without her consent. As I am tarnishing in this fire, so shall your entire race tarnish sooner that too be caused by a woman like me". With these words Vedavathy ended her life without submitting herself to the carnal pleasure of Ravana.

A few days later Ravana devised a tricky plan to ravish sita from panchavati in the absence of Rama and Lakshmana. Sita saw a glowing deer and requested Rama to fetch it for her. As Rama tried to catch it, it flew into the thick forest. Rama chased it further into the desert. After a while Sita and Lakshmana heard a voice crying "Lakshmana, Sita" from the center of the forest. Sita suspected it as a danger call from Rama himself. She hurried Laskshmana to attend to Rama immediately. Lakshmana quite unwillingly left the Ashrama, drawing a line in the entering portals of the hermitage.

Ravana came to Sita's hermitage in the guise of a Sanyasi and begged alms. Sita came out to give alms. But Ravana could not come near her to receive the alms because the line of Lakshmana blazed with fire and Ravana could not withstand the strain. He requested Sita to come out crossing the line and pour the alms into his bowl.

As sita crossed the Lakshmana's line, Agni invisibly appeared in between and interchanged Vedavathy for Sita. Ravana really took Vedavathy with him to Sri Lanka. It was Maya Sita or Vedavathy only who lived in the Ashoka Part all the ten months.

After the death of Ravana and his clan in the war with Rama. Rama wanted to test the chasity of Sita. When the Maya Sita fell into the fire, Agni Deva brought back the real Sita as well as Vedavathy (who was the Maya Sita). Both were offered to Sri Rama. Rama spoke to Agni Deva: "in this incarnation I have aviwed to be a monogamist. I shall promise to marry vedavathy in Kaliyuga.
This Vedavathy was none other than padmavathy the daughter of Akasa Rajan of Narayanapuram.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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