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Narada Visits the Yagna


Soon Sri Narada left the abode of Brahma Deva and come down to Bhuloka, our globe. He was reciting melodiously the Nrayana Mantra for the successful completion of his plan, the descent of the Lord form Vaikunta to Venkata. On the shores of the Ganges he was a circle of great seers like Sri Kasyapa together for performing a Yagna.

Narada Visits Yagna

Overviewing the scene of the Yagna form above, Sri Narada descended down to the Yagna bhumi (the sacrificial ground). Sri Narada was delighted to see a double coincidence-holy sages in holy spot in that spiritual gathering, the presence of Sri Narada also equally inspired the sages. They warmly welcomed him.

Finding a highly conducive climate for his plan. Sri Narada proposed to begin his plan there. Spo he spoke to the sages.

"O sages I you are all illustrious spiritual luminaries. Each one of you are capable of creating a seperate universe by your potential powers. Pouring out your heart's pure devotion. I am happy to note, that you are performing this great sacrifice. Yet a doubt lurks in my mind. To whom you are dedicating the fruits of this Yagna? who is the recipent of your offerings among the Trinities Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva? I am also inquisitive to know who can grant you all the benefactions you expect from his Yagna."

To this strange question of Sri Narada everyone was struck dump with shock. For a Moment they could not decide who among the Divine Trinity should be preferred as the sole recipient of the fruits of the Yagna. Silence reigned supreme for a while. Then again Sri Narada himself spoke to them.

"Decoted Sages I without a clear thoughts to whom you should offer the sacrifices, you should nt meaninglessly proceed the yagna further more. By a deliberate test find out who among the Trimoothis can grant thee all your aspirations including Moksha, the ultimate salvation. Incidentally He should be above all really Shantha Murthy, the unperturbed by our solicitations, First demonstrate to yourself who is that Supreme Being is and then offer the sacrifice to the Most High. You shall be blessed with all benefactions and the salvation form earthly bondage."

Aside Sri Narada thought to himself that his master-plan will work out easily: "By my inducement the rishis and sages would seriously that the Divine Trinities. Beyond all doubts, Brahma Deva and Lord Shiva will not succeed in the acid test of the wise sages. Sriman Narayana will alone eventually be successful. This will lead to the separation of Lord Narayana with Sri Lakshmi, whereupon both of them shall be descending down to the globe. This is the solution to all miseries of Kaliyuga for every one.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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