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Padmavathy Meets Srinivasa


Princess padmavathy came to the same lotus pond with a group of her attendants to celebrate the onset of spring known as Vasanthothsave. She was jubiliantly dancing with her royal attendants.

Padmavathy Meets Srinivasa

Quenching his thirst in the period of Sri Srinivasa rested in the shades of a nearby tree. He heard a soft voice singing from somewhere in the center of the garden. He traced the music by walking through the flower garden. He saw the beautiful princess padmavathy amidst her royal companions. She appeared distinctly among them as moon appears amidst the countless stars. By the first glance at her srinivasa was drawn to her. "Are there beauties like her any where on earth? Could there be anyone even in the heaven at least? Is the married or still be? She must be a princess of some nearby country..." Srinivasa reflected over her. Compelled by curiosity he went near her. Seeing a hunter coming to her, padmavathy sent her attendants to enquire about him.

Sri Srinivasa Pelleted

The Attendants of the princess stopped sri srinivasa approaching their princess directly and asked Him Who He Was; and how dare was he to enter in to the guarded premises of the king. They asked him, who are you? Don't you know that no man should enter into this garden of the princess or else you will punished by the king's men could you get out of this place immediately?" Sri Srinivasa ignored them all and tried to reach the princess. Padmavathy also mistook Sri Srinivasa to be an hunter. She could not resist herself to talk to him. She just enquired who he was. Srinivasa took up this opportunity and spoke to her; O princess I am bachelor. I have none to name as my relatives. Once I had a place to live. Now I live in the seshachala hermitage.

A little later he inquired her whereabouts. "May I know who you are? Who your father? May I know your good name?" Padmavathy replied; "My father is Akasa Rajan, the ruler of this province. My mother is Dharani Devi, the queen and my name is padmavathy, their only daughter........ To save yourself get away from this place quickly.' To this srinivasa wondered "why you ask me to get away. Am I causing any of you any inconvenience. I am unable to leave this place. Your beauty is fascinating me. I am interested to marry you. Will you my hand?"

As Srinivasa was discussing his heart's innermost desire with padmavathy, her attendants drove him out, shouting at him. "what a bad intention you have, After all you are an hunter and you want to marry our princess. If your king hears you to death. Don't stay here any more I". However Srinivasa had his gaze on padmavathy. He was staying. Don't get angry at my words. I am unable to control my feelings to you. If you are not prepared to marry me, my life will be deprived of real joy. Fulfil my heart's desire and I shall be happy for ever."

When Srinivasa persisted in his demand, the attendants of the princess pelted stones at Srinivasa. His body sustained several injuries and he was heavily bleeding. Even then srinivasa was unwilling to leave the garden. Nor could he forget padmavathy. The attendants went away with their princess. So finally Srinivasa had to return back to seshadri hills. He appeared much tried, worried when he returned home.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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