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Queen Reveals The Prophecies To King Akasa Rajan


The soothsayers words were ringing in the mind of the queen. She at once conveyed the content of the prophecies to the king Akasa Rajan. The king reflected for a while. Recollecting the earlier prophetic readings of Sri Narada, he said, "Dear! The huntsman who met out Padmavathy in the garden should be then the Almighty only. We shall decide to give our daughter in marriage to that Youngman dwelling in the Seshachallam"

Queen Prophecies Akasarajan

The queen was not in favour of this decision of the king. "How can I agree to give my daughter to a hunter. She is dearest to me than any one else. I cannot sacrifice her life. Why should we have any dealings with a poor man? Don't think of spoiling the life of my innocent daughter. Only the mother can be at all conscious of her daughter's welfare. In a poor man's family, the daughte-in-law face all types of problems. I can never allow my daughter to wed a simpleton. Knowingly one shoulg not treat on uncertain path. Forget about the hunter and the marriage of our daughter with him any more. Select a prince of an equal status with us for our pretty daughter".

She poured out all her anger in her words. The king only smiled at her, instead of reacting adversely to her feelings. He spoke to her, "Dear I Do you think I am not interested in the welfate of our daughter. I am equally cautious of her future prospects. Who knows the sweet will of the supreme. Every has to follow the Great Cosmic Scheme of the supreme only. We have no choice on certain matter and marriage is certainly one such predetermined factor. Yet, as you propose, I shall also look forward for a suitable price for our daughter".

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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