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Sages Disagree With One Another


Who among the Divine Trinities is really tranquil, unperturbed at all times? All sages began to doubt the Trimoorthis. Opinion was divided among them. Some held the view Lord Shiva is the Tranquil Being, while some others said Brahma Deva alone is the unperturbed mighty Being. A few had the thinking the Sriman Narayana alone is incapable of any irritation by anyone. Then the question of determining who is the Most High among the Trimoorthis haunted the minds of the sages. Some blamed Sri Narada for raising unnecessary questions in their minds and leavint them to their own fate!

Sages Dout Trimoorthis

The anxiety to explore the final truth rose so high in the minds of the sages that hey forgot their yagna and for the time being abandoned the yagna. Observing this some wise ones among them began to settle the question by a simple compromise.

"O sages, you are all superman, endowed with deep penetrating intuition and insight. Your should not be tossed about by every wind of doctrine that blows around. Neither you should blame Sri Narada nor any of you. The Godhead should be above the three qualities of Nature-satva, tamasa, rajasa and should be exaltant in Shantha Guna. As the devotees should know the nature of his Deity. Among the Divine Trinities who exalts in the untrammeled serene temperament should be put to tests beyond all cavel and criticism. Let us choose among some one who is capable of testing the Trimoorthis and through him was shall - resolve our doubts."

This sounded to be only ultimate solution. Everyone agreed to test the Trimoorthis. But to test the Great Ones who are beyond all the veils of Maya is not an easy task. Among them, they began to seach for an exaltant sage, who could with unshakable resolution test the Trimoorthis and declare to them the ultimate truth.

Some of them suggested the name of a seer who by dint or severe penance for several years had attained super human powers. He was Brugu Maharishi.

"Brugu loomed large head and shoulders among them all as superseer. Finally everyone joined together to request Brugu Maharishi to take up the task of testing the Trimoorthis.

To be Continued... Click Here >> Brugu Maharishi Test Brahma Deva

Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara Author: - Muni Swami

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