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Seshachalam - The Story of its Origin


Once upon a time an argument between Vayudeva (the Lord of Air) and Adhisesha (King of Serpents) rose as to who was stronger then the other. Each of them claimed their supremacy over the other. Sri Narada saw them quarrelling with one another fiercely. Dear friends, shall I suggest you an easy way to test who is stronger between you both. Though both of you appear to be equally endowed in strenght-certainly one of you should be stronger than the other. Only by an open test we can conclude clealy the stroner being.

Adhisesha Vayudeva Venkateswara

To this idea of putting their strength to test, both of them readily agreed. Sri Narada proposed the following plan: "Adhisesha, you may go round circumbulating the little Meru known as the Ananda parvada. O, vayudeva, you should try to shake the Ananda parvada while Adhisesha is circumbulating it. If you could shake up the mountain at least once. you are stronger then Sesha. Or else Sesha has more strength.

This test of strength appealed to both Sesha and Vayu. Immediately Adhisesha encircled Anandapvada while Vayudeva focused all his might to move the mount. His initial trials failed. Night and day Vayu blew fierce tempests over the little Meeru.

By centering his concentrated will Adhisesha held the mountain in his grip so powerful that Vayudava's might was simply seemed to dwarf away. But Vayudeva was also strongly determined to prove his potentials.

He gathered his strength which lay spread all over the universe to flight out the hard tussle. When he did this that withdrew his energy form other parts of the universe, the life force began to diminish everywhere. All living creatures were put to suffering to breathe even. Yet both Sesha and Vayu were pursuing their ultimate test further and further. A few days passed in this state of worst energy crisis. Devendra, the king among the Angels. appealed to Sesha, "P Lord of serpents, it is justified to sacrifice all the living beings for the simple argument of who is stronger between you and Vayu. All the world is under the threat of death and decay. If Vayudeva withdraws his energy the entire life on the globe will be wiped out instantly. Kindly give up your trials at once.

Moved by the requests of the High Command of the Devas, Devendra, Sesha slightly loosened his tight grip over the Ananda parvada. Quickly crasing the opportune moment Vayudeva shook off the mountain range the Meru and air lifted through a vast distance. However on the way the hillocks fell down at a spot well known as the Varaha Kshetra. The hills then onwards were known as Seshadri (the Hill brought down by Adhisesha) after the serpent Lord, Sesha who was the chief cause for the shier of the Anandaparvada form its parent mountain, the Meru, from the North.

Lord Naryana in his wandering on earth in search of Sri Lakshmi finally came to this range of Seshadri hills. He continued his search of Sri Lakshmi Devi in these hills too. He was unable to tread any more. He became weary and wanted to rest for a while. He saw an anti-hill beneath a tamarind tree. He thought it to be a safer spot to rest and relax. He hide himself in the hillock for a few days.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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