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Sri Brahma and Shiva descend to earth in the guise of a Cow and Calf


Sri Narada saw the total emptiness reigning at Sri Vaikunta as the Lord and Sri Lakshmi had left on their own accord their celestial abodes. He felt sorry for the seperation of Sriman Narayana from His Divine Consort Sri Lakshmi Devi. Sri Vaikunta lost all its renowned glory without its Lord and Sri Lakshmi. At once Sri Narada wanted to do some thing about it.

Sri Brahma Shiva as Cow Calf

He reached sooner Satya Loka and appraised his parents, "Revered parents, I have fulfilled your requests to the benefit of the world at large. The Lord has descended to the earth. However the Lord has been separated form His Consort. Sri Lakshmi is now doing ant hill in the Seshadri mountain peak. Devoid of all comfotts and even food and sleep, he dweels in the ant-hillock. By some means you should at least offer something to the Lord for his food, it not any other needs of Him."

Sri Brahma Deva thought for a while. Promising to do what he could at his best to Sri Narada, Brahma went to Sri Kailasa. Lord Shiva greeted Brahma with great reverence and inquired about the purpose of his visit to him. Brahma explained how the lord was separated by the bitterness that arose by the Brugu incident and suggested to him that in the disguise of a cow and a calf they could feed the Lord now at the Seshadri mountain range.

Sri Brahma and a Lord Shiva discuss with Sri Lakshmi Devi their plans to help the Lord. Lord Shiva greeted his idea with a good cheer instantly and agreed to come down to Seshadri Hills. Before that they decided to meet Sri Lakshmi Devi and take her guidance in their plan. They met Sri Lakshmi and appealed to her. By our fit of anger at an instance with the Lord you have left everything including the Great Lord. The seriousness of the problem of separation is more intense and sever to the Lord. He could not think of being a separate one from you. He lives a lunatics life in an ant hill at Seshadri mountain tops. He is devoid of all comforts including his basic necessities of life foold and sleep. We shall take the forms of a cow and a calf. You may take us to the Chola King whose place is near by the said hill range. You may also come in the disguise of a cow punclier to the King's court and leave there. We shall be able to reach the lord easily thereform."

Sri Lakshmi Devi could not resist their requests to take them in guise of cow and calf to the CHOLA king. She assumed the form of a cow puncher and drove them to the king's court. The queen of the Chozha ruler at first sight it self liked the cow and the calf, Sri Lakshmi Devi could easily accomplish her mission of leaving the cow and the calf to the king's custody.

The king ordered his cow herd to take special care of the rare boving animals. He wanted the milk of the rare cow sent to his palace daily.

The cow herd took all his herd to Seshadri mountain for pasturage. The divine cow used to separate out herself from the herd and go near the ant hill beneath which the lord was resting and pour out her breastful milk into the ant-hill. Later she would join the herd unnoticed by the cow herd. In the King's cattle shed day, she could not produce any milk. This stunned the cow herd. The king at times doubted the integrity of the cow herd. However the warned the cow herd to take special care of the rare cow and report what happens during the pasturage. Days passed by without any outcome.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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