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Sri Lakshmi Devi's Quarrel With Padmavathy


Though the life of the Lord Sri Venkatesa was happy at the Ananda Nilayam in venkata Hills,. He frequently thought of Sri Lakshmi Devi and felt for her absence from him. Srinivasa had to mary Padmavathy because if his vow granted to Vedavathy in Ramavathara. He wished to see Sri Lakshmi Devi; But it may be provoking her much more. He thought it wise to allow much more time to settle the mind of Sri Lakshmi Devi.

Sri Lakshmi Devi's Quarrel With Padmavathy

One day Sri Lakshmi Devi Came up the hills with Sri Narada. Sri Narada pointed out to Sri Lakshmi Devi from a distance the abode of Lord Srinivasa and directed her to approach him alone. Sri Narada was interested to watch the flare-up between Sri Lakshmi Devi and Padmavathy. So he hid himself somewhere nearby and over head the conversations. As directed by Sri Narada Sri Lakshmi Devi went to the shrine of Ananda Nilayam. She saw the Lord Srinivasa lying on a bed with beauty closely. When she Padmavathy her anger rose very high. Then the Lord saw Sri Lakshmi. He was sorry to note intense anger in her eyes.

She went near the Lord and saw him from toe to top and gain she looked at Padmavathy. Padmavathy could not guess anything from this. However she feared that something untoward may happen to them both.

Sri Lakshmi Devi asked the Lord, "O Lord! is it justified? Is this your affection for me? I could not still tolerate the indignity done to you by an ordinary human being. Yet your actions tear me to pieces. When you wedded wife suffers in the forests. How could you think of marrying another? Is it lawful? You are the protector or of the eternal law and if you would behave like this, how can thee be peace anywhere? Whatever be you affection to me, don't your think I stil love you? Did you at any time come to the forest where I had been performing penance propitiating? How can I blame you! It is all the fate of mine?"

Srinivasa could not answer her. Then Sri Lakshmi Devi pointed her questions on Padmavathy, "Who are you? What status you have to sit with my husband on his bed?" Her voice was high pitched charged with strong emotion. Padmavathy frankly replied, "who are you to question my husband? I have married him and how can you ask me who am I? Don't you have even courtesy? Get back from here at once." These words intensified the feelings of Sri Lakshmi Devi and she blamed Padmavathy further for taking her lord from her.

Hot Exchange of words between Padmavathy and Sri Lakshmi Devi maded Srinivasa dumb for a while. However to compromise Sri Lakshmi Devi, he spoke to her:" "Lakshmi, brush aside your anger. Listen to me. I shall tell you a truth. It, after listening to me, it is meaningful, you may follow my words. It needs the power to recollect past lives should you understand what I am going to say to you. I grant you this past memory. Listen, When I was born as Rama, you were Sita, my spouse in that carnation. To fulfill the wish of my then father, we went into the forests, along with my brother Lakshmana. During our dwellings in the forest a golden deer came around. You wanted me to fetch it for you. It took long time for me to get back then you sent Lakshmana to search for me. At that moment, Ravana came to our hermitage and begged food. When you came out to offer alms to him, the line of Lakshmana fired out at Ravana. Ravana then requested you to come out crossing that life of protection. When you came to cross that lien gracefu Lord of fire, Agni took you inside the earth and brought out Vedavathy from underneath. She was mistaken by Ravana as you, real Sita and carried her to his city. Later with the help of the Vanaras like Sugreva I won the battle against the demons. Before the eye of the masses I wanted you to uphold your chastity. I wanted sita to walk over fire, whereupon Agni Deva brought two Sitas and asked me to accept them both.

"When I saw two Sita's emerging out, I wondered how you doubled yourself. Then Agni explained me who the other Sita was and it was only Vedavathy who was in the captivation of Ravana, the Demon king. Sympathising with her you suggested to me to accept her also. Since in that Avathara, it was avowed by me to observe monogamy I could not marry her. On the other hand at your instance i consoled Vedavathy to marry her in the Kali Yuga. This Padmavathy is Vedavathi reborn as the princess. Hope your doubts have vanished from your minds now! I have just fulfilled my words promised earlier as Rama. I have not done any justice to you." By the power of past memory granted by the Lord Sri Lakshmi Devi recognized she reincarnated Vedavathy in Padmavathy. She compromised with the changed situations and accepted Padmavathy as her sister.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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