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Sri Lakshmi Leaves Sri Vaikunta


Sri Lakshmi was displeased with the Lord's sympathetic attitude to his devotee Brugu. The anxious sages at the Yagna were happy to see Brugu back with an answer to their haunted question whom they should offer their sacrifices and who shall be able to grant all their wishes.

Sri Lakshmi Leaves Sri Vaikunta

The Situation at Sri Vaikunta was quite the reverse. The great goddess Sri Lakshmi took the Brugu incident as a deep insult to her. She felt the lord of the fourteen worlds-above and below- should never be mistaken as an ordinary being by anyone. She poured out her grievances to the Lord "The headstrong Brugu Should have been taught a serious lesson. He has knowingly dishonoured the Highest among the Gods. All the rest of the world bow to you the Supreme Lord There are no super intelligences who do not recognize the truth. Yet Brugu has cared nothing for the ultimate Godhead. He has not only dishonoured you my Lord. But he has assaulted me thine heart-dweller. Your duty is to punish the wrong-dear. On the other hand you have comforted him and let him go free. Since he is a Rishi - an omniscient being - I am restless and could not bear any more this dishonour."

Gleaming a smile at Sri Lakshmi the Lord spoke to her passifying her emotional imbalance: Dear there are no separating barriers between the Lord and his devotees. They merge into one in their devotion. Since you are not aware of this oneness between the Godhead and his true devotees you are feeling this incident as an insult to us. Hence you are also finding fault with me as weell it is highly difficult tp probe deep into the mind of my devotees. Only I can understand in depth the finer feeling of devotees. Brugu Maharishi is a great devotee He knows all thing can he really disrepect me? To initiate a mighty task only he has done this, can any Godhead punish his own devotees? Will any mother seriously punish her child or take him to task if he does play even mischiefs wih her? Will it be at all justifies? Patience should be the foremost quality of a woman in a general and to you in particular.

Sri Lakshmi was not happy with these words of Lord. Her anguish on Brugu rose up to the worst by these arguments of the Lord. "By the Rishi's assault you may be worst by these arguments of the Lord. "By the Rishi's assault you may have a name as the compassionate Godhead. But I don't like it in any way you can excuse him, But I cannot. Therefore I cannot stay in the Vaikunta any moment further. Our good relations break away with this moment. This very moment I am leaving Thee! Since our separation is caused by a Brahmin, let the Brahmin-poverty be proverbial hereafter and they shall be cause to sell their Vadic learning to survice on the earth".

By the misdeeds of an alite Brahmin, all Brahmins, in spite of their omniscient knowledge, forethought and omnicomoetent abilities, as a clan, have been financially endowed with very weak viatality. Theis reflects their honesty and integrity on the other hand.

Following the well-known adage 'Better to rule hell then serve in Heaven. Sri Lakshmi preferred to do penance in forests then have her celestial adobe with shame and indignity. She left not only Sri Vaikunta, but also her unshakable trust on her Lord Sriman Narayana as the Supreme Saviour. With great effort she cast aside all her love and adoration she held for the Lord, for she is the most beloved devotee of the Lord. None of the words of the Lord could appeal to her heart any more. She came down to the earth as speedily as she decided to quit the Vaikunta Loka.

Down on earth she walked a while, crossing forests, rivers, mountains and finally reached the banks of Godavari river. At a small hermitage near Kolhapur she stayed performing penance seeking peace of mind.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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