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Sri Narada Visits Sri Lakshmi Devi


Sri Lakshmi Devi after her separation from the Lord, reached Gollapuram and had been doing penance. She had the feeling of indignity so strong that even after years she could not reconsider her decision to return back to the Lord.

Narada Visits Lakshmi Devi

Sri Narada cleverly pulled the strings from behind, and caused the seperation of Sri Lakshmi Devi from the Lord. Though the purpose of his nalve plan benefited the world sunk in the dark age of kali for the Lord of Devi it had brought a tension perpertually. So Narada was inclined to smoothen this tenise situation. Sri Narada met Sri Lakshmi Devi and spoke to her of the events that followed after the Lord's departure from Vaikunta to Venkata He asked her "O universal Mother I should you suffer like this vagaries of weather leaving your beautiful Vaikunta. How long do you think you can continue your penance in these forests like an ascetic. Will any one invite troubles into her life? Should you suffer at all leaving the Almighty Lord?"

Sri Lakshmi Devi was in her own moods. She could not utter anything other than the glaring indignity her Lord faced before an ordinary human. She spoke to Sri Narada "O Sage! My husband did nothing to console me. Should he not curse that Brugu Maharishi at once and save my honour? On the other hand, He praised him and consoled me, whatever happens to me, I shall never again return to Vaikunta, until the Lord Himself comes and sets right my indignity. Does not he equally suffer like me living in an ant-hill in Seshachala Hills?"

Sri Narada smiled at these statements of Sri Lakshmi Devi and replied her : "O Devi! I deeply sympathize with you after hearing from you these words. You Lord has no inconceniences as you have described. He is quite alright He has remarried and is happily spending his time. Only you are leading a pitiful life here".

Sri Lakshmi Devi was taken aback by this news that the Lord had re-married another woman and he had forgotten his consort-divine. She was dumb struck by grief for a while. She wept and feel into deeper sorrow. Expecting him at the forest, she had been performing her penance there. But contrary to her expectations, the Lord had totally deserted her. She thought her hopes of meeting him again had vanished at once. On her second thoughts she turned to Sri Narada and asked him "Are you playing a foolish joke with me? Or is it all that you narrated are true?"

Sri Narada replied; "O Mother! is it time for me or anyone to play jokes wth you when your good harmony with the Lord is shaken up thoroughly by another marriage. After that I have told you are but true; nothing but absolutely correct," She requested Narada to lead her to the dwelling place of the Lord at the Venkatam Hills. Both of them proceeded to the Venkatam Hils at once. Sri Lakshmi Devi Enquired about the newly wedded princess and her ancestry. But Sri Narada replied her, "O Devi, when you are personally meeting her you can talk to her. Soon you will realize these things. But it is the Lord who should answer you first that that third person, who had interfered with your life, unknowlingly".

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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