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Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Swami Temple, Memphis, Tennessee, US

Sri Prasanna Venkateswara Temple Memphis Tennessee US

Anyone who could provide proof of religious enthusiasm, the vigor and fervor, that consecration ceremonies were held June 14 and June 20, 2005 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. EADS village sixteen years ago, a few acres of land was sold to Dr. Prasad Duggirala, and his wife, Dr. Vijaya and other members of the committee as Dr. Raghavalu, Dr. Ramanathan and other interested parties. It 'was difficult to visualize all goes to a temple in honor of this, what we see today. There have been obstacles, difficulties and obstacles of all kinds for more than you realize enthusiasm Hindu. Because of the difficult economic situation, the members raised the set to go to the fundraising campaign. Dr. Vijaya was a big commitment. These efforts were not in vain, and what we see today is something incredible.

It was a question of "Hindu identity" Dr. Duggirala and others and to the spiritual depth of the followers of the community. Center "Cultural and Hindu temple in India was reported several years ago. At the direction of Dr. Duggirala, work began in 1996. Cleared land and facilities were built.

Reflecting on the need for all communities to come, the central deity in the temple would be "Mr. Prasanna Venkateswara" other "Devatha Parivar" has been established. To the right of Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess Andala left, Rama Parivaram in the nearby sanctuary left, the right Radhakrishna, Subramanya Muruga, Lord Shiva, Nataraja, the goddess Parvati, Garuda, Anjaneya at the main entrance have been established. Ganesh is shown on the right side of Lord Venkateswara.

The prospect must be turned now to consecration ceremonies for the occasion. Learned clerics and scholars from various Hindu temples across America. The Hindu temple in New York sent their chief priest, the temple in Malibu, Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois) and Datta Temple in Baton Rouge (Louisiana) sent their priests to the apartment. There was a lot of religious freedom and the will to do all the Homa, adhivasas to all the gods, and to develop religious events in the adjacent room, which is also newly built. It was a clear demonstration of the will of all the supporters, volunteers, workers, employees and more than all the grace of His Holiness Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji Datta OF Avadhoot PEETHAM, Mysore, India. Sri Swamiji had come to Memphis in 2001 to see the place and gave many directions for building the temple. The Commission has listened to the instructions of Sri Swamiji. Swamiji was firmly behind Dr. Duggirala and Vijaya. Committee mobilized sufficient funding and the project takes off.

Attention was paid to detail in "The architecture of the temple" and the subtleties of the cartoon and the sculpture of the temple itself. The architect of the temple well-known Indian and "Stapati" STAPATI MUTTAIAH leadership "Prakas of the temple and well done. Underscoring the sensitivity to bind to the works of the temple, all actions were taken seriously on the basis of suggestions by Sri Swamiji Ganapati Sachchidananda. All this has produced a marvelous structure of the temple Swamiji Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda attractive SAME. Sri Swamiji arrived in Memphis 14, Canada and entered into detailed research and has held several meetings on the premises. The defense of the need a temple of this size, Sri Swamiji said _ "It's historic and most needed at this moment in history." We must continue to spiritualize our existence on this planet. We have the experience to see the truth and that supports our faith.

"There is unprecedented progress of faith in God and asylum seekers are increasingly in this region. The temple complex will carry out this task." - Said that "the activities of devotion, faith and spiritual support once again this magnificent temple and the life "- he said. The moisture in the mountains of EADS has become sacred and important today. The temple committee has worked very hard and were dedicated to this project. This "Lord Venkateswara Prasanna Kumbhabhishekam" is a "coronation" and is a wonderful sight. The final work of the Lord Almighty who rules the universe, atoms are small. It is our duty to create spiritual and natural environment do selfless service to it. In our desire to satisfy the creative devotees Memphis. "Welcomed Dr. Duggirala the vision of Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda high Swamiji and his own divine life and mission in life.

And ICCT Hindu temple is unity in the spiritual point of view. "Unity" is the motto of this consecration between Hindus and different communities. Sri Swamiji said, "The Hindu temple in Memphis has a crucial role to play in the lives of people around this place and the U.S. in general." "Reassuring tips and advice coming from the divine heart of this temple Prasanna Venkata," said Sri Swamiji. "His faith and belief" will grow and the younger generation. Economic growth and spiritual growth must go hand in hand. You should not suffer from intellectual poverty, "said Sri Swamiji.

"From the plateau of Mysore in southern India to the west coast and from north to south, it moves and moves to bring the dharma to the people and values ​​we must follow in his footsteps. The younger generations need to take the notice of his advice and work towards values Dharma. "

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