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Srinivasa's Arrival Narayanapuram


Sri Brahma Deva accompanied with Lord Shiva Lord Srinivasa with holy waters. Vakuladevi, Parvathy, Arundathi assisted them. To the accompaniment of auspicious musical recitals Srinivasa was d pouring in scented water of several different varieties.

Srinivasa Arrival Narayanapuram

They dressed him with jeweled ornaments as the royal bridegrooms. Everyone parents also dressed themselves and accompanied Srinivasa from the Seshachala for the marriage alter. Lord Shiva rode on his Rishbha, as all others come on their vehicles, Srinivasa rode on Garuda. The saints and seers came in palanquins. Several music bands followed this procession. Gandharvas danced before the procession welcoming it. Angelic beauties also danced, singing ecstatic songs seers chanted the Vedic verses. The din of this massive procession echoed in all directions as the entire procession was proceeding to Narayanapuram.

On the way they reached the hermitage of Sukha Maharishi. Seeing the massive procession of the Divine Beings along with Srinivasa, Sukha Maharishi saluted them and said. "O Lord! I have become really exalted in my penance today at this glorious sight of your bridal procession. I have an unfulfilled wish since a long while. I would like you to fulfill it today. You may stay for a while at my hermitage and accept the feast I would like to offer you all." Srinivasa replied to this request of the saint, O sage! I would very much like to fulfill your wish. But how would you entertain my followers who are in legions now. Can you feast everyone who stands behind me?"

The sage replied to Srinivasa, "O Lord I way could I not fulfill this? If you bless me! The fouteen worlds are within You and if I would satisfy you, is it not possible for me to feast and satisfy everyone present here?"
"Let it be so fulfilled said Srinivasa to the sage".

Accordingly Srinivasa went inside the hermitage of sage Sukha and accepted the fruites offered to him. Seeing this, the saints and anges felt that they were just ignored by the sage Sukha. They were surprised when Srinivasa came out and looked at them-every one had the strange feeling of having had a good feast.

As this procession was nearing Narayanapura, the capital of Akasa Rajan, the king and his followers were also came out to welcome Srinivasa.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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