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Lord Srinivasa Sets Out for Hunting


In Seshachala wild animals roamed around and caused disturbance to the hermitages all the time. A need arose for hunting the wild invaders to keep up peaceful atmosphere. Oneday Sri Srinivasa approached his mother Vakuladevi and said, "I would like to go out for hunting. The wild animals which frequently disturb our peace here. I wish you should permit to go out without any hesitation".

Srinivasa Hunting Animals Seshachalam

Vakuladevu at once refused Sri Srinivasa to go out in the wild forest. She said "This forest has not been explored by anyone so far. It has wild animals of all sorts, once you get into it you may get lost or any harm can befall on you. You may do any other thing here other than going out for hunting.

Sri Srinivasa took it easy and laughed at her statments. He assured her that wild animals will not bounce upon him.

Finally without much of her willingneess vakuladevi permitted Sri Srinivasa to go out for his wild chase, "you may do as you please" She said rather half-heartedly.

She prepared some food for him and Sri Srinivasa dressed himself like a hunter with an arch and a bow in his hands. He took leave of vakuladevi and straight away went in to the dense forest, which was beneath the Seshachala hill range.

Seshachala itself was a thick forest covered with various trees. Sri Srinivasa entered into the forest, he drew his bow and released it once which made a thundering noise in the entire forest. The noise resonated from the neighbouring hill ranges. Wild animals came out from their hide out and ran out to seek shelter around. It was an opportune moment for sri srinivasa to hunt them en masse. Finally a wild elephant emerged before sri srinivasa. Sri Srinivasa shot up his bow and aimed his arrow at it. The wild beast ran in to the forest. Sri Srinivasa chased it at length. By pursuing the elephant hunting Sri srinivasa came near a garden. The elephant escaped out. He was thirsty. He looked out for quenching his thirst. There was a pond in the vicinity.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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