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Padmavathi's Love Sickness for Srinivasa


Ever since Padmavathy saw the hunter Srinivasa, His image was constantly appearing to her wherever went. It was a subtle feeling of joy mixed with anxiety to see Him again. As she was princess she could not disclose her feelings to either her attendants or her mother. Natural shyness to disclose her privacy closed her mind to herself.

Padmavathy's Love Sickness Srinivasa

Some times she felt like telling her mother, the queen about the strange meeting she had at the garden. But the queen may not like her daughter desiring a hunts-man. Her father may insist a status for his son-in-law. These doubts rose in her mind and kept her in cloudy feelings frequently. As her royal parents would not prefer anyone lower than their kingly status to wed her, Padmavathy felt that there is no alternative left for her than to forget Srinivasa. She tried to obliterate from her mind's eye the constantly flashing image of the hunter Srinivasa. However much she tried, she could not just for a moment forget Srinivasa.

She became restless she was unable to eat well; sleep well. She felt it was all but an humdrum - even to talk to her attendants. She cared a little for dressing herself. Her mind was torn between Srinivasa and the status hurdles to reach him. This mental agony reflected itself as an acute state of physical restlessness and the marked change in her behaviour alerted the attention of both the king and the queen.

For no apparent reasons, the strange sickness haunted Padmavathy, her parents thought. They sent word for their royal physician and mantric to relieve her distress. Medicine and mantras could do nothing to improve her love-sickness. Their heightened the anxiety of both her parents.

They concluded that the princess Padmavathy had only a mental delution - which should be explored and her anxiety should be relieved. The king was unable to relieve her mental stress immediately. He was seriously thinking what would cause her restlessness.

To be Continued... Click Here >> Srinivasa disguises himself as a Soothsayer to meet Padmavathy

Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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