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Srinivasa Meets Srinarada


Sukha Maharishi carried the message of Srinivasa to the king, immediately the king was attending to the marriage arrangements.

Srinivasa Narada Kubera

The news of Padmavathy - Srinivasa's wedding spread to the nooks and corners the universe - to all the fourteen worlds. Hearing this Sri Narada came to the Seshadri Hills, Srinivasa reverently! received the sage and said, "O sage, I have no more wealth left with me as my Lakshmi had gone away from me. I am in Poverty Condition. Somehow will you please arrange for the finances of the marriage now".

Sri Narada laughed at the apparent poverty of the Lord and said "O Lord Sriman Narayana, you had all the time with Sri Lakshmi Devi. Then there were many poor human starving for basic necessities of food and shelter. You had no sympathies to them. Now that your present status has come down to that level. I hope it is an opportune time for you to know what the oppressing limitations of poverty are."

"O Sage, don't try to beat a dear serpent. Don't stop this marriage by your ill-will towards me now. Somewhere collect finances to celebrate the marriage. If you resolve to do a thing, you will surely accomplish it. Only by your visit I have had confidence now" Srinivasa replied.

Then Sri Narada promised him to do his best. He then brought to Seshachala the angels of the higher worlds including Sri Brahmadeva, Shiva and the nine planetary angels. When all of them assembled together, he called out Kubera, the Lord of the Gandharvas.

Sri Narada spoke to Kubera, "O, kubera! Down on the terrestria plane you are the wealthiest being. Now you must come forward to help a good cause. In this forthcoming Valkasi month on the tenth on the Friday coinciding with uthira Palguni star the marriage of Sri Srinivasa with princes Padmavathy will be performed. The marriage will bring benefits to the world at large. Now Srinivasa is devoid of any wealth. He is so poor that he has no material means to this wedding even. You should help financially Srinivasa for his marriage. He would return this according to the Law of this yuga with interest. You will also accrue benefits by this lending."

Kubera happily accepted this; and lent one crore and fourteen lakhs of coins of gold, A bond of debt was signed by Srinivasa and was given to kubera. Sri Brahma Deva and Shiva bore witnesses to this financial transaction.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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