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Srinivasa Relates Padmavathy's Earlier Incarnations


Vakuladevi thought that Srinivasa was deluded to win the hand of Padmavathy, the princes who can many only another prince of an equal state. As such Srinivasa as an hermitage dweller should not have aspired for Padmavathy. "The rich and the poor cannot come anywhere together, especially by a wed-lock. You can never win her hand, it is wise to forget her now itself before long as they say nip it out in the bud" Vakuladevi advised Srinivasa.

Srinivasa Relates Padmavathy

It was time for the Lord to reveal a bot of His real nature as the overload of the universe and his cosmic mission.

Hearing to the admoniation of vakuladevi, the lord laughed at her short sighted vision he said dear mother I shall tell you the hidden side of padmavathy's earlier incarnations. In my earlier avathara as rame, sita was carried away from me by a cheap tric by ravana for fulfilling his carnal desires. Finally tracing her whereabouts and waging wars with Ravane when I brought her back, an interesting event took place I thought of putting Sita to a test, where by her chasity would be known to the world beyond all cavil and criticism, Knowing my wish, Sita fell into the fire. In the glowing flames of fire two Sitas simultaneously appeared to me. Lord of Fire, Agni Deva spoke to me that one was vedavathy and the other was Sita my spouse. It was only Vedavathy, not real Sita, who stayed in the place of Ravane and for that reason I should accept both of them as my wives. For this sita also was in her favour.

Srinivasa as Rame told Vedavathy that as he had avowed Himself to observe monogamy through out that life, it was not possible to marry her in that incarnation would fulfill Vedavathy's wish in a later incarnation in the kali yuga. Sri Srinivasa recounts His earier promises to Vedavathy in Ramavathara. "And princess Padmavathy is the same vedavathy I shall be marrying her in this incarnation,"Srinivasa concluded.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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