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Srininvasa's Reply To Akasaraja


With the wedding invitation Sukha Maharishi reached the Seshadri Hills, Srinivasa was immensely pleased to see the sage at his hermitage. He reverently received the sage and Vakula devi offered fruits to him. The sage was pleased with this.

Srinivasa Repy Akasaraja

Then Srininvasa spoke to him "O sage, may I know the cause for your kind visit to our hermitage."

The sage blessed Srinivasa. "May you soon be married happily" and gave the wedding invitation from Akasa rajan, "Read this and you shall understand the rest."

Srinivasa read out that wedding invitation to Vakuladevi. Everyone present was happy to know this. "O sage" Srinivasa said, "you are bearing the trouble of traveling as a messenger for my marriage. I shall be ever grateful to you."

Smiling at him the sage said, Srinivasa, you are the overlord of the entire universe. That nothing can prevail against your Supreme will. I have not put forth my special efforts in this". The sage also requested Srinivasa to write the king a reply letter where, upon Srinivasa wrote a letter as follows to the king Akasa Rajan.

To his excellence Akasa Rajan the king of Narayanapuram, Salutations from Srinivasa of Seschachalam Hils: I have received your wedding invitation. Glad, I accept you invitation to marry your daughter. I shall be present on the wedding day positively at Narayanapuram.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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