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Srinivasa Disguises Himself as a Soothsayer to Meet Padmavathy


As Padmavathy was, so also was Srinivasa. He was sleepless. The incident at the flower garden frequently flashed in his mind. He was wondering the exceptional beauty and grace of Padmavathy. With the wings of fancy Srinivasa imagined the presence of princess Padmavathy.

Srinivasa Soothsayer Padmavathy

He felt he had no hinted her even His real identity as Sriman Narayana. If the princess knew him as Narayana, she might like him at once. She would be willing then to marry him.

Next day Vakuladevi told Srinivasa. "I shall proceed today to the palace of Akasa Rajan and propose you for his daughter Padmavathy. Be condiment of the outcome", and started out for Narayanapuram. Srinivasa thought the words of Vakuladevi might not be honoured by the king. So he wanted to strengthen her attempt by conducing the attitudes of the king and queen in her favour. For this he guised himself as a soothsayer. Like a gypsy who predicts the future events by looking into the palms, the stars or simply by her intuition, the Lord dressed himself and proceeded to the Narayanapuram Place before his mother reached there.

Srinivasa looked charismatic even in the guise of a young gypsy woman. By her beaming smile, she would easily attract the attention of anyone. The gypsy introduced herself as a soothsayer and easily called in by the queen. The queen was very curious to know the future of her daughter Padmavathy. The Oracle-woman carried with her a basket containing the sea-shells, tradionally used for diving the future. Princess Padmavathy was asked to be seated before the gypsy and her future was read. The gypsy smiled at her. At once Padmavathy could know who had come to see her. Then the fortune teller began to invoke the goddesses to inspire her prophecies. She sang then musically.

"O princess! I, know thine heart My prophecies will please you Please Listen! Worry not whether your wishes Can be fulfilled at all? Grieva not whether your aspirations Will be achieved at all? I am here to assure you Your star favours the fulfillment of You heart's inner-most desire. A few days ago A youngman saw you in a garden. You fell in deep love with him Your companions abused him And stoned at him, Don't take him to be an ordinary man! He is none else than The Most supreme Godhead! True, whether you believe it or not! Your heart is with Him. And he is also drawn to you! Listen to my prophecies Your worries will end soon!"

The queen hearing these felt happy. She gave valuable pearls as her gifts to the soothsayer. No doubt Padmavathy's depression also cleared out as mist before the suns rays.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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