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Srinivasa Relates his Romantic Problem to Vakula Devi


As Srinivasa went out for wild chase with high spirits and came back completely depressed, Vakula devi could not guess what might be the cause behind Srinivasa's worry. She approached Him and enquired. "My dear son, you want out for hunting with full glee and I expected you to be in high spirits after your advertures. What happened to you at the forest? What is still worrying you? Why there are multiple injuries on your body? Did anyone beat you?"

Srinivasa Vakula Devi

Srinivasa had no replies to these. He was all the while thinking of Padmavathy only.

Vakuladevi was surprised at this. She asked him whether he was angry with her so. When she said this, Srinivasa could not hide any of the events that happened that day.

"Mother! I had a good hunting all the day. Finally I retired. I was thristy. I went near a pond and quenched my thirst then I saw a beautiful princes. Later talking to her I came to know that she is the daughter of Akasa Rajan, the king of this province. I have not seen my women of her beauty. Even I have not seen any angel of her charisma. I fell in love with her. I actually expressed my love to her. When her attendants heard me say this to her, they threw stones at me to dispel me from that spot. I have come away without speaking to her. I cannot live without her. I should marry her soon."

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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