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Sutha Maharishi Narrates Lord Sri Venkasteswara Story to Sownaka and Other Sages


In our Olden Days, the forest named "Naimisharanyam" is a Spiritual and Peaceful Meditation Place for many sages lived on those days. Maharishi Sutha had been Narrating the Eighteen Ancient Chronicales known as "Puranas".

Lord Sri Venkateswara Leelas

The Sages were very interested one day to know the sacred lore of Sro Venkateshwara. Almost Everyone including sage sownaka, the learned one expressed their burning curiosity to known the secrets behind the descent of the Lord Sriman Narayana from Sri Vaikundam to the Seshagiri, Our present Thirupathi Hills. Sutha Maharishi was immensely pleased to fulfil their requests to relate at lenght the complete Avatara of Sri Venkastesa.

Oh Sages! The Lord of Seven Hills Sri Venkatanarayana has descended to our terresterial plane mainly to uplift everyone of us who are living in the dark cyle of Kali Yuga. The Lord is the only Being who is easily accessable to all without even much of a spiritual and Yogic discipline. He can alone protect omini-competently everyone from all the tribulations of life at all times. What You all aspired to know is the most sacred lore of all the Puranas (ancient chronicles). Whosever even hears this will eventually at the end of this earthly life span attain Moksha, the ultimate liberation from all earth bingings. And shall not reincarnate any more! You are all deeply devoted to the Lord and hence I expect everyone of you to listen to me with rapt attention.

For a moment Sutha Maharishi mentally uttered an invocation to this Master Superseer Vyasa and began his narration.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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