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Synonyms of Tirumala Hills


There are seven synonymous names for the Venkata hills:

It is known as Seshachalam because the peaks of the hill appear like the seven hoods of Adisesha, the serpent - bed of Lord Narayana.
It is famous as Vedachalam because the four great Vedas have been recited to the Lord everyday throughout the ages.

It was formed into a playground for the Lord by Garuda. Hence the name Garudachalam.
A demon by name Virushaba worshipped the Lord at the hill; when the Lord appeared to him, he requested his name should be given to the hill-range, whereby Virushabadri has become one of the names of the famous hills.

Anjaneya's mother did penance in these hills. One of the hills is knows as Anjanadri, after her name Anjana Devi.
It is also widely known as Ananda Giri, as it would fulfill the wishes of the pilgrims and make them happy.

Venkatadri is its popular name, as the hill possesses occult powers of redeeming sins in the dark age of Kali.

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