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The Lord Relates his Wanderings to Vakula devi


Sriman Narayana constructed an hermitage in the place granted to Him by Sri varahaswamy and lived there. Vakuladevi also stayed with him attending His services. One day she request to the Lord to related about himself. "May I know why you have been wandering in the forests? What caused the injury on your forehead? If there are no reservation, you may disclose all details about you.

The Lord Balaji and Vakula Devi

In reply to her inquiries about himself the Lord spoke, "Mother I am an unfortunate one. With great difficulty I have reached this peak. I have none as my supporters. For some reasons some one hurt me and caused this injury. But I have no care for me. I am regarding you only as my mother. More than this I could relate no other detail about me.

As she listened to the Lord, her mind melted and tears moistened her eyes. She also emotionally outburst her feelings. "My child, I like you I am also an orphan. I have been spending my time worshipping the Lord at this Seshadri. Sri Varahaswamy's grace has brought you to me. For this destitute you are the only child now onwards. I shall take care of you as my son. From today onwards you shall be known as Srinivas. You should not leave me at any time. Her affection overswept all the grievances of the Lord.

The Lord smiled at her and spoke to her "Only today! I have become fortunate, I have your motherly affection showered on me. You are my mother and I shall not leave you at any time hereafter".

Hearing these words of the Lord Srinivasa Vakuladevi was immensely pleased. She cleaned the injury on his forehead and anointed the wounds with an herbal compound. She brought fruits for him from the forests and affectionately offered him as any mother would do her child.

Under the tender care of Vakuladevi Sri Srinivasa grew comfortably. However the frequent recollection of Sri Lakshmi's absence brought stress over his heart. But he never disclosed his privation with Vakuladevi and she never suspected the Lord's true identity.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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