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The Lord Visits Varahaswamy


The Lord's forehead was injured by the cowherd. He wanted to heal that with the some herbal medicine. In search of herbs the Lord wandered in the thick forests of Thiruvenkatam. This was noticed by Sri Brihaspathi from his heavenly abode. He came down at once and met the Lord. The Lord also received him very warmly. He spoke about the head injury and sought a herbal remedy to hal the wound. 'O Lord! In order to protect your devotees you sustained this injury. You are capable of sustaining all the tortures the world can inflict on you. Yet as you are inquiring about a purely physical remedy I shall suggest you a good remedy. "Sri Brihaspathi suggested certain herbal combination to be used as an external oinment whereby his wound heal in week's time.

The Lord Visits Varahaswamy

In search of the herbs suggested by Sri Brihaspathi, the lord wondered in wide forest area. He saw a shrine in the nearby vicinity. Immediately he decided to visit it. Sri Varahaswamy could easily know who had come to his shrine. He reverently received the lord. Accepting his invitation, the lord entered in to the Shrine. Sri Varahaswamy inquired why the lord had descended from his vaikunta to venkata.

Sriman Narayana briefly related what had happened before. "O Varaha I Brugu Maharishi visited the Trimoothis to know who among the three excels in absolute transquility. He tested me by assaulting me unexpectedly. Sri Lakshmi felt it as an insult and left Me. Without her I could not stay at Sri Vaikunta. Roaming round on earth I have reached Venkata finally. I rested in an ant-hollock. A cow-herd hit me with his axe, where upon I have come here searching for some herble medicine. This hill range belongs to you, I require your permission to stay here for a while."

Hearing the story of the Lord's descent into the terrestial plane Sri Varahaswamy said, 'it is highly cogent to seek your residence at this hill, I may be able to rent an accommodation to you but not let it free!"

The Lord replied, 'you are an omniscient and you know well that by the separation from Sri Lakshmi I have become poor. I shall not be able to pay Three any money to rent this hill. You may freely accommodate me here kindly. To reciprocate your goodwill I shall request my devotees to worship offerings too. Other than this, I may not be able to do anything else." Sri Varahaswamy acceded to this arrangement and lent one hundred square feet of space at the Seshadri Hills. He later spoke to the Lord regarding Sri Vakuladevi "I shall bid my devotee Vakuladevi to take care of your day today requirements. She is a deep devotee and I shall presently talk to here and assign her to you.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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