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The Story of Akasa Rajan


Once upon a time a king of Chandra dynasty by name Sudharman ruled the province, having his capital at Narayanapuram, very near the hill range of Seshadri. He had two sons. The elder was known as Akasa Rajan the younger was Thondaiman. Coronating the elder. Sudharman went to the forest to do penence.

The Story of Akasa Rajan

Akasa Rajan was a lawful ruler. He ruled his province ably. He loved his people. His spouse Dharani Devi was the most beautiful women of her time. She was also an erudite scholar. She was a noble woman, who revered her husband as the most supreme God head. Both of them lived together for a long time without any any progenyan offspring of their own.

This was his only worry. They both observed many rituals and offered several kinds of planetary propitiation. In spite of their austerities their longing could not materialies. One day Akasa Rajan requested his master Sukha Rishi to enlighten him on his problem. 'O revered sage I we have been longing to have our progeny all these several years the ancient adage says the person who doesn't leave his progeny down on earth cannot ascend up in the higher worlds. My lineage will end with me! Please enlighten me what I should do now.

Duely listening to the grievances of Akasa Rajan Sukhe Maharishi replied him "O King, cast aside your worries. By the Grace of the Supreme our wish will be fulfilled sonner. I will suggest you a time-honoured method of invoking Divine Grace. Several thousands of years back Dhasaratha, the king of Ayodhya, also had similar problem. He was mucha ged without any successor to whom he should hand over his kingdom. He consulted his master Sri Vashishta who suggested to him to perform the Putra Kameshti Yagna. By this sacrifice he had four sons. By the some Yagna you will also be fulfilled our desire."

Hearing these words from his master, Akasa Rajan was immensely pleased. He decided to perform the Putra Kameshti Yagna on an auspicious day.

It was a tradition to plough the ground in which the yagna will be performed Akasa Rajan also followed this pattern and ploughed the ground.

While ploughing the field the king unearthed a golden box. When he opened it, he saw inside the box a live baby sleeping on a golden lotus. He saw the child hale and healthy and very beautiful in appearance. A voice spoke from above. "O King! You are very fortunate today by having this child with you now. Take home this child and bring her up in your palace. Your entire dynasty will become purer by her."

By this strange incident Akasa Rajan became over enthusiastic. He caressed the child and took her home. He gave her to his spouse Dharani Devi. The queen was also pleased. The king called learned Brahmins to name this child. They suggested him to name her as Padmavathy since she was born or found in a lotus (Padma means lotus) Goddess Mahalakshmi herself, both the king and his spouse thought, had descended down to their palace. They were both very happy ever since Padmavathy was brought into their palace.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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