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The Story of Kurman, The Brahmin


When Thondaiman was ruling his kingdom he was well-known for just rule. He loved his people and did everything for their welfare. He was always devoted to the Lord Srinivasa. By his devotion, he drew much inspiration and guidance from the Lord an instance from his life illustrates this truth.

The Story of Kurman, The Brahmin

One day a Brahmin by name Kurman came to Thondaiman's court and made request to the king. He was proceeding to the north to the holy city of Varanasi. As the journey would be tedious, he wanted to leave his wife and his five year old baby in the custody of the king. Morever his wife was pregnant and could not walk any further. The king sympathetically considered the request of this pious Brahmin and agreed to protect his wife and son until the Brahmin Kurman returns back from his pilgrimage to Varanasi. Then Kurman happily proceeded to the northern city.

Thondaiman constructed a mansion with all the facilities for the Brahmin's wife to live there. He ordered that none should go over to the mansion. In fact he locked the mansion from outside and thus thought they could be protected with much care.

A few days later Kumaran's wife bore a child. But she could not get enough food or water from outside as mansion was locked. Starving for food and water, they died inside the mansion. The king entirely forgot this for a long while. After several weeks Kurman returned back from his long journey and met the King. The king then only recollected about the Brahmin's wife and son. He welcomed the Brahmin and sent him to have his bathe and Sandhyavandana. Meanwhile Thondaiman sent his son to bring Brahmin's wife and son. Thondaiman son saw in the mansion three skeletons resembling the wife, and sons of kurman. At once he reported this to the King.

Thondaiman felt deeply for his carelessness that his absent mindedness had grievously caused the death of an innocent Brahmin's family. He expected Kurman also would die if he comes to know this. When Kurman turned up again after his sandhya worship, Thondaiman informed him that his wife and children had gone to the Venkatachalam Hills for the Lord's dharsanam and until their return he may stay in the palace. Being just rules, he could not say what had happened. Thondaiman with his son went to the Lord at the hill-shrine and wept at His feet.

The omniscient Lord knowing fully the incident said to Thondaiman, "I could no tolerate my devotee weeping. I shal revive the dead people, if you would brind their bodies to the hills". The king was happy to hear this. He went to his capital and brought the dead bodies. The Lord sprinkled water on their bodies and they rose up as if waking up from sleep. Everyone including the King was happy to see the revived people. The king entrusted to Kurman, his wife and children.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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