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The Story of Sri Adi Varaha Swamy


Long, long ago in the dawn of satya yuga wherein human beings were righteous and lived an upright moral life, the rishis had the power of visiting all the higher worlds including the lord's abode, Sri Vaikunta.

the story of sri adi varaha swamy

One day some seers came to Sri vaikunta to meet the lord. The gate keepers of the lord's Shrine Jaya and Vijaya stopped the seers from entering in to the privacy of the lord. At noce the seers cursed them to become mortals and demons on the earth. Both of them appealed to the lord and the lord said. "The words of the seers will be infalliable. You should incarnate in flesh and blood and shall unite with me later. But you can have a choice either to have a number of lives my devotees or a few lives as my enemies. In both the ways you shall be back to Sri vaikunta after your earthly incarnations.

They preferred to be born as the arch enemies of the lord for three lives together instead of waiting through a series of earth bound incarnations. Thus the lord granted them three successive incarnations on earth.

The first of these demonic incarnations was as Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakasipa. Of them Hiranyaksha was a stronger monster. He took our globe and went into the nether worlds Pathala. The angels prayed to the lord sriman Narayana to save our planate from the hands of the demon. The lord incarnated in the boar from (Varaha rupa) and brought back the submerged earth from the pathala loka, killing the demon Hiranyakaha.

The Devas cherished the restoration of the earth and requested the Varaha rupa Narayana to have his Shrine on the earth itself has a permanent protection of the planate. Then onwards Sri Varahaswamy has been residing at seshadri hills. A great devotee of the lord, Sri Vaikuladevi, was attending to the services of Sri Varahaswamy at the hill-shrine in the beginnings of Kali Yuga.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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