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Thondaiman Builds The Shrine for Lord Srinivasa


When they were happily getting on in the hermitage of Agastya, one day Thondaiman came to see the Lord Srinivasa. The Lord enquired Thondaiman what had brought him here. Thondaiman said, "O Lord! I have no special reasons for coming over to the hermitage but to have your dharsanam. I am happy everytime, I have your dharsanam so kindly grace me with your frequent dharsanam. Then the Lord replied him, "O King! it can fulfill your wish, if you would build a shrine for me at Seshachalam. Thats the only need for me to fulfill your wish of frequently visiting me".

Thondaiman Builds Shrine Lord Srinivasa

Thondaiman was much pleased to hear this. He requested to Lord to point out a good spot at the hills of the shrine. He requested to Lord to point out a good spot at the hills of the shrine. With the consent of Agasthya, Srinivasa came to the hills with Thondaiman. He pointed out an and said, "O King! This place was alloted to me by Sri Varahaswamy.

Therefore on the banks of this beautiful lake here on the Eastern side you may build my shrine. Surrounding the shrine, the tower, prakaras, a cattle shed, the godown for storing the food grains etc. should be planned. The flower wel here also needs to be cleared."

Thondaiman, being a great devotee wanted to build not only the shrine, but also several other things in the hill, including a foot path to the up hills through the seven hills. The work took him a few days time and he also renovated the flower well. Within those few days, the entire hill range appeared as Vaikunta on earth.

The Lord greatly appreciated the devoted work of Thondaiman. Brahma deva, and other angelic hosts, Sri Vaishavas, Vedic Scholars assembled at Seshachala they fixed an auspicious time for the Lord to occupy the shrine. The shrine tower was named Ananda Nilayam.

On the fixed day, devotees came to the hills from every region, in addition to the visitors from the super physical worlds. To the accompainment of auspicious music and recitations of the vedas, the Lord with his consort entered into Ananda Nilayam for abide it. Eve

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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