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Thondaiman cross swords with Vasudasa


Soon after the demise of Akasa Rajan a keen competition rose between Thondaiman and Vasudeva for succeeding to the throne of the kingdom. Thondaiman wanted to succeed to the throne as he was the brother of the King Akasa Rajan. But Vasudasa equally wished his succession as was a timehonoured tradition that the son should succeed the father. The verbal duel led them to the sword duel. Finally both of them decided to test their strength in a battle and the victor should succeed to the throne. The advice of elders to compromise them fell deaf to their ears. Both of them wanted to show the other their personal power and strength.

Thondaiman Cross 

Swords Vasudasa

The war broke up. Both of them sought the help from Srinivasa. To Thondaiman the Lord gave his chakra (the disc) and sanka (the conch). For Vasudasa He himself came to defent him. War rose to the climax. A lot of people were killed on both sides. As Thondaiman had his mighty weapons Sudharsana Chakra and Sankayudaha, he coule easily blow off all else. Finally Thondaiman has to attack the Lord himself. He sought an arrow at Srinivasa, which hit Srinivasa on his head. He fell unconscious. The news was carried to Padmavathy, she came lamenting to the battle field. She attended to the Lord. A little later Srinivasa came to his consciousness.

Why have you come here "Srinivasa asked his consort Padmavathy". She appealed to the Lord to put an end to war. She said. "Both Thondaiman and Vasudeva are close relatives. Eventually as the war continues one of them shall be victorious killing the other. Please compromise both of them and amicably settle their disputes".

Whereupon the Lord sent word for both Thondaiman and Vasudasa to settle their disputes. Srinivasa spoke to Thondaiman. I would like to compromise your dispute. Before that would you like to say anything about it?"

Thondai politely replied, "O Lord! I am your devotee and shall always be at your services. I shall follow your directions in this matter absolutely". Srinivasa then spoke to both of them : "Children! Was between father, brother and son should not rise at all. It is unlawful too. You should divide your kingdom and rule seperately without harming anyone".

To this Vasudava also agreed. The kingdom was divided into two regions by Srinivasa. They both happily accepted their partitions. They also gave thrity-two villages to Padmavathy. Srinivasa and Padmavathy returned back to the hermitage of Agastya.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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