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Thondaiman's Previous Incarnations


Once there lived a great devotee of the Lord Sriman Narayana. His name was Viganasa. He was anxious to see the Lord in the Avatara as Lord Sri Krishna. He did rigorous penance and invoked Lord Narayana. Sriman Narayana appeared before him and said, "O Devote! Ask you heart's desire. I shall grant you three your aspirations."

Thondaiman's Previous Incarnations

He fell at once at the feet of the Lord and said "O Lord, of immence grace! I seek nothing but the dharsanam of your Sri Krishna Avatara. You may grant me that dharsanam". The Lord was pleased with his request and said, "Now it is not possible for you to see the Avathara of Sri Krishna. However Sri Krishna has incarnated as Srinivasa at Seshachalam. You can go over there and worship there". With these words the Lord vanished.

Viganasa immediately started his journey to the Seshachalam. On his way he met another devotee or the Lord by name Rangadasa. Rangadasa enquired him, "where are you going"? Viganasa replied him "the Lord has incarnated as Srinivasa at the Seshadri Hills. I am going over there to worship Him". This excited Rangadasa tool. He joined the pilgrimage of Viganasa to the Seshachala.

At the hills, Rangadasa took up the gardening work for Viganasa so that they may worship the Lord with flowers. He planter fragment flower plants in the garden and raised them. He dug out a well for irrigatig the garden. The well was known later as (Flower Well) "Poovula Bhavi" at Seshadri. Rangadasa was continuing his services to the Lord through Viganasa by offering flowers regularly. One day when Rangadasa came near the lake (later known as) Swami pushkarani, he saw a Gandharva couple playing on the banks as they had in the lake. Rangadasa saw this and was struck dumb at their romantic play. He forgot his routine work of flower gathering for the Lord's worship. He was much fascinated by the strange play of the Gandharvas.

The worshipping hour elapsed. Rangadasa forgot to collect back to his consciousness and gather the flowers. The Gandharva couple after their love plays flew back to their homes. Only when Rangadasa felt he was delaying Viganasa's daily flower worship. Quicky he rushed to the garden, gathered the flowers. The Gandharva couple after their love plays flew back to their homes. Only when Rangadasa felt he was delaying Viganasa's daiy flower worship. Quickly he rushed to the garden, gathered the flowers and went to Viganasa. He repented very much for what has happened. He also narrated to Viganasa the strange romances of the Gandhrava couple he had seddn on the banks of Swamipushkarini. He was apologizing for his way wardness. At that time a bright light suddenly dawned there in the centre of that blinding light was Srinivasa.

The Lord said "you need not repent for what has happened now. You shall be soon reborn to King Sudharma of Narayanapuram. You shall be known then as Thondaiman and shall enjoy all the blessedness of a royal life." With these words, the Lord disappeared. Rangadasa was later born at Narayanapuram as Thondaiman, the brother of Akasa Rajan.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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