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Vakuladevi Visits Akasa Rajan


Later the queen and the king called on Padmavathy, she appeared to be in confused state of mind. The king consoled her saying "Dear child! we were childless for a long while. As a gift of God we found you. All our aspirations are centred on you only. You can open your heart and speak of your mind. We shall not do anything your willingness. Your hopeless is our only view.

Vakuladevi Visits Akasarajan

The king expected to hear the views of Padmavathy. Tears melted out of the eyes of the princes. "I cannot reveal my heart's desire to none except to you both only, Padmavathy began to speak of her mind to her parents. "One day in our flower garden I saw a hunter. My mind is contemplating on him since then. I truly love him. I should marry him. Even in my sleeping state his image appears to me. I do not think of him as an ordinary human being. If you both give consent I shall marry him.

Listening these the queen really wondered. While the king was much pleased. The king replied here, "Everything shall be done according to your wishes only. Yet I wish to consult elders before I decide finally."

When these talks were taking place at Narayanapuram palace. Vakuladevi arrived at the palace. She met the king. The king respectfully received her and enquired her. You appear to be a pious saint. By your visit our palace is sanctified. Shall we know where you are residing at and what shall we do for you?" Vakuladevi replied him " "O king you are really a fortune king. Because the girl you are bringing up is born with the resemblances of Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi. So you luck is backed by her. Now I shall tell you what has brought me here.

"Please listen! I am coming down from the Seschachalam hills. I have a son by name Srinivasa. He is a young in his primes. He is a beautiful person. We are not rich enough now. My son has been princess Padmavathy while she was playing with her companions in the garden. He intends to marry her only. Though we are not opulent now, my son is capable of ruling the three worlds under him. He is virtuous. So I have come here to request you to consider my son for your daughter Padmavathy. Please don;t doubt a little whether by this marriage your daughter will be happy and contented though out her life. He is not an ordinary human mortal. He has divine attributes by birth. Please trust my words. All this true."

When the king and the queen heard this, they were stunned. The king spoke to Vakuladevi, "Our venerable visitor! your words are for us sweet like nectar to hear. We shall consult the learned elders and send you our message sooner"?

Hearing the reply of the king. Vakuladevi was much pleased. She returned to Seshachalam and informed Srinivasa what had happened at Narayanapuram.

To be Continued... Click Here >> Akasa Rajan Consults Sukha Maharishi

Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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