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Wedding of Srinivasa


When the auspicious time set for the marriage was nearing, King Akasa Rajan went into the mansion of Srinivasa to the accompaniment of auspicious music and invited Srinivasa for the marriage. The sage Vashishta instructed the king as to how he should invite the bridegroom for the marriage.

Wedding of Srinivasa

Accordingly the king presented jewels, scented sandalwood paste, flowers, betal leaves, etc., to Srinivasa and requested the Lord to ascend his royal elephant and come to the marriage hall. Srinivasa accepted all the presentation of the king and come out with him. He ascended the elephant and rode to the marriage Hall. The great host of angels in their hierarchical order from Brahma Deva downloads followed the procession led by Srinivasa, Saints, Seers, and the public of Narayanapuram also accompanied the angelic hosts.

All the procession reached the Hall, Srinivasa was hailed with a harathi (an auspicious welcome note). Srinivasa descended down the elephant and was led into the wedding Hall. He was then seated over a golden seat. The king and his queen washed the feet of Srinivasa with holy waters, while the seers vashishta chanted the vedic mantras.

The marriage rituals were performed by Vashshta and Brihaspathy, Dharani Devi poured waters into the hands of the King Akasa Rajan who according to the sacrosanct rituals uttered the mantras relating to the gifting of his daughter to Srinivasa.

As the auspicious juncture neared, the bands blew, the Sages chanted the mantras ladies sang auspicious songs, Srinivasa adorned the Mangalya (The symbol of wed-lock) on Sri Padmavathy. The angels poured their Blessings. The sages and saints also showered their blessings on the couple. The marriage was then followed with severa varieties of entertainments.

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Story From Book Name: Balaji Sri Venakateswara
Author: - Muni Swami

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